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About me

Multilingual since childhood, Véronique from Nice : it’s me!

From Cape Verdean heritage, the French Riviera or 'Côte d'Azur' is the beautiful tourist region where I grew up and currently live in.  My multicultural background has proven to be a real professional asset over the years.

Trained in Trilingual Executive Assistantship (French, English and Italian) and in Human Resources Management, I became a freelance translator in 2013 after having worked in various sectors including Tourism, Communication, Marketing & Sales, International Trade, Public Relations and Social Sciences.

I also had the chance to work in France, Italy, Cape Verde and Kenya, adding to my 18 years of professional activity, a great cultural awareness.  

To find out more, ask for my CV in French, English, Italiano or Português.

Véronique V.Varela - Translator
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